For the 2017 Pirate Plunder, there will be a revamp of multiple obstacles on the course. They are still in the development phase, in the mean time you can check out the 2016 obstables below.


2016 Course Map


  • Pieces of Eight

    1. Pieces of Eight

    Duck and crawl your way over and under a series of obstacles blocking your way.

  • The Scurvy Scurry

    2. The Scurvy Scurry

    Scamper your way over the twin peaks; just don’t lose your head!

  • Mutineer's Misfortune

    3. Mutineer's Misfortune

    Climb through a hoard of cargo nets. Watch Your Step!

  • The Crows Nest

    4. The Crows Nest

    Don’t get tangled in the Pirate’s web.

  • Quartermaster Cargo Climb

    5. Quartermaster Cargo Climb

    Make your way aloft, just don’t fall through.

  • Gangplank Gallows

    6. Gangplank Gallows

    Dangling at your Rope’s End – Be ready to make a splash.

  • Black Beard's Blockade

    7. Black Beard's Blockade

    Maneuver your way over the wall using only your strength and the sweat of your brow.

  • Shiver Me Timbers

    8. Shiver Me Timbers

    Climb over and under the broken masts of olde, just don’t get sucked into the clear blue water of the deep.

  • Kraken's Revenge

    9. Kraken's Revenge (New & Improved for 2015)

    Choose your way up the platform before sliding down into the Pirate’s cargo net!

  • Jacob's Ladder

    10. Jacob's Ladder

    Voyage over the tallest wall you will face. Hope you’re not afraid of heights!

  • Walk the Plank

    11. Walk the Plank

    Any last words? Time to jump into the fathoms below.

  • Bilge Rat Crawl

    12. Bilge Rat Crawl

    All you Rapscallions, time to scurry through the mud. Be always on your guard!

  • Hornswaggle Tire Hoard

    13. Hornswaggle Tire Hoard

    Make the trek across the mountain. Keep your sea legs!

  • Jolly Roger Mud Scramble

    14. Jolly Roger Mud Scramble

    Trudge through a winding maze of knee deep mud and climb a muddy hill.

  • Marauder's Mud Crawl

    15. Marauder's Mud Crawl

    Batten down the Hatches - One last muddy crawl to victory!

  • Scallywag Slide

    16. Scallywag Slide

    Descend into the watery grave that is Davy Jones’ Locker!